November 2012

Making The Decision To Rent Or Buy

November 25, 2012

(Guest Post by Williams) One of the hardest decisions to make is whether to rent or buy your place to live.  Whether you are relocating or looking for your first place after living with your parents, the decision whether you should rent a home or buy a home should not be taken lightly.  As the […]

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Consolidate Your Debt the Safe Way

November 19, 2012

The current economic trends are forcing many to consider consolidating their debt. But, is there a safe way to consolidate debt, so that the credit score does not take a hit that will take years to heal. If a consumer can consolidate their debt, it will help them to get back on track with their […]

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How Late Payments Affect Your Credit Scores

November 16, 2012

(Guest Post) According to the findings of a survey, 59 percent of consumers in the U.S. say they pay their credit cards bills last when money gets tight. Around one in four consumers admit to not paying all of their bills on time. Given that the U.S. economy is still struggling to recover from […]

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Things To Know When Buying Concert Tickets

November 13, 2012

(Guest Post) Live concerts are an interesting entertainment option for a number of reasons.  A live concert allows you to hear your favorite artist in a totally different way than listening to a CD or radio.  At a live concert, you can actually feel the music vibrate through you, enhancing the event into a total […]

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