5 Ways to Save Big on Home Repair and Landscaping Costs This Year

by Site Manager on April 7, 2015

home-repairNow that spring has sprung, it is time to engage in home repair, landscaping, and gardening activities that will increase the value of the home and decrease the amount of money that we spend throughout the remainder of the year. The real estate market is still experiencing a slump. As a result, more and more individuals are refraining from placing their homes up for sale. Instead, they are simply making improvements that will optimize the functionality of the home, reduce the operation costs associated with the home, and make it a more fulfilling location to reside. If home repair, landscaping, and gardening activities are on your “To-Do” list this spring, this guide is for you. Here, you will learn 5 ways to save big on home repair and landscaping costs this year.

Purchase and Install Energy-Efficient Windows

The windows throughout your home provide the structure with light from the outdoors, warmth from the external temperatures, and a source of ventilation; however, these components of the home have the capability of negatively impacting the energy efficiency within the home. By purchasing and installing energy-efficient windows, you have the ability to reduce your energy costs and save a great deal of money each year. These specially-designed windows assist in lowering the costs associated with heating, cooling, and lighting.


If you are searching for ways to alter your home so that you may save money throughout the year, you should consider adding energy-efficient insulation. By using a very basic thermal leak detector in the home, you may quickly identify areas where outdoor air is entering into your home. Once these locations have been identified, you may then add insulation to those regions in order to reduce the energy costs associated with heating and cooling your home. The main areas where insulation is typically required include the attic, the area surrounding the windows, the parts of the house nearest the doors, and in the basement region.

Seal and Caulk

If you are searching for a home repair project that will allow you to save money all year long, you should consider sealing and caulking your home. This is an inexpensive project that is easy to do and does not take much time, whatsoever. Sealing may be performed with weather stripping tape and standard caulk that may be obtained from any home improvement store is appropriate for the caulking activities that you perform in and around the home. The following outlines a list of the most common areas that should be sealed and caulked in order to save the most money on heating, cooling, and other energy costs:

  • The Areas Around Windows and Doors
  • Regions Surrounding Light Switches and Electrical Sockets
  • Places Near Recessed Lighting
  • The Area Surrounding the Attic Hatch
  • Walls and Other Locations in the Basement
  • The Areas Where Pipes, Ducts, and Wires Enter the Home

Use Rain Barrels

The next method that may be used to save money – especially on landscaping and gardening activities – is using rain barrels. By collecting water from rain and other natural moisture that occurs within the atmosphere, you will save on your energy costs, as well as your water expenses. The water that is saved through these products will help you in watering your lawn, providing hydration to your plants, shrubs, and trees, will help in acquiring moisture for your home garden, and may also be used to wash your car and clean other outdoor surfaces. In most instances, a half inch of rain that occurs naturally will – literally – overflow a rain barrel that has the capability of holding 50 gallons of water. That is a massive amount of natural water that may be utilized for a wide assortment of tasks, without ever having to turn on a faucet in your home!

Special Care for Your Lawn

When spring begins, it is not at all unusual for homeowners to run out to their local home improvement store to purchase grass seed, fertilizer, weed killers, soil, and items that are similar in nature. By using a bit of special care for your lawn, you will find that none of this is necessary. First, be certain to avoid cutting your grass too low. You should allow the grass to reach up to 2 ½ inches in height. When grass is allowed to grow higher, it will have a deeper root system. Taller grass will shade out the possibility of weeds growing. When you do cut your grass, leave the clippings behind. These will add nutrients to the ground so that you don’t have to add fertilizer. If you have leaves in your lawn, gather them up and place them around plants, shrubs, and trees. As they break down, they will act as a type of mulch that will assist in adding nutrients to the ground and retaining moisture.


There are many home repair, landscaping, and gardening activities that take place during the spring season. Unfortunately, most of these activities come with a hefty price. By following the steps that are outlined in this guide, you have the ability to save big on home repair and landscaping costs this year. Purchasing and installing energy-efficient windows, insulating the home, sealing, caulking, using rain barrels, and taking special care steps for your lawn will help you save thousands of dollars each and every single year. Spring cleaning is more than just freshening up the home. It is a time where a total refreshing of the home – both indoors and outdoors – should be performed. It is a time to start anew. It is a time to save money. By adhering to the home repair and gardening tips outlined here, you will succeed in saving money and prolonging the life of your home.

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