Amazon to Launch 1st Retail Location

by Site Manager on October 24, 2014

amazon-retail-locationAmazon to Launch 1st Retail Location

When you think Amazon, you naturally think online shopping. The online shopping experience has become an iconic way to shop because of the way Amazon has created and positioned itself. Its accessibility and vast offering is second to none.

So why would Amazon now want to consider opening its first ever retail location?

That is the question in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Whether it is a welcomed and highly hailed revolutionary step, is yet to be determined, but for the moment, everyone waits in excited anticipation for this new and bold move to unfold.

Perhaps understanding the rationale behind this bold move would be a step in the right direction to getting the big picture. With the opening of the first ever Amazon retail location the convenience of picking up an order is said to be much faster as you would no longer have to wait for delivery. You would simply have to go by the retail location and pick up whatever you had previously ordered online. For those needing the item ASAP, this is really a very attractive convenience.

The Amazon retail location will also accept returns, thus making it really convenient to immediately return items. You will no longer have to deal with a lot of paper work and other exercises that are usually required when a product needs to be returned or exchanged. Simply turn up at the retail location and have your problem dealt with just as efficiently, but at a much quicker rate.

Without shying away from its traditional way of doing business, the Amazon retail location idea, is the company’s way of creating a platform where it can explore and enjoy further business expansion opportunities through direct connection with customers. Up until this point, there has been no such opportunity, as Amazon did not have the facilities to provide the more traditional shopping experience for its customers.

By opening its first physical retail location, Amazon wants to be able to offer more competitive facilities to its customers, where same day ordering and delivering services can be enjoyed. This is already a normal style of shopping offered by other established brands and Amazon does not want to lose out on such opportunities.

Although this new Amazon retail location endeavour may put some pressure on its already slim profit margins, Amazon is nonetheless anxious to explore this new phase of doing business.

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