Average American spends a whole week every year shopping

by News Guy on December 1, 2010

Research by America’s leading coupon code and discount website has revealed that the average American spends 3.5 hours every week shopping for items such as groceries, clothing and other products, a number that equates to around 7 and a half days every year.

A new poll by the leading coupon code site in the US has revealed how much time Americans spend shopping, on average. While the poll found 3.5 hours to be the average time people in the US spend shopping a week, it also revealed New York to be home to the most frequent shoppers.

The research of 6,182 people in the US was conducted by www.CouponCodes4U.com in order to discover how shopping habits differ across the country and to find out if the majority of shopping is done in stores and shopping malls or online.

When asked, ‘How much time, per week, do you spend shopping, whether it be for clothing, groceries or other items?’ the average number stated by the people surveyed was 3.5 hours. That equates to an average of 182 hours a year, or 7½ days in total.

According to the results, residents of New York City shop more than people in any other city; the average number of hours spent shopping each week, as stated by people who lived in the New York area, was the highest at 7 hours.

While CouponCodes4u.com found the average number of hours spent shopping by people in the US in general was 3.5 hours a week, below are the cities home to the biggest shoppers, based on how much time the residents living there spent buying and browsing for goods every week:

  1. New York City – 7 hours
  2. Chicago – 6.5 hours
  3. LA – 6.2 hours
  4. Boston – 5.9 hours
  5. Austin – 5.7 hours
  6. Washington DC – 5 hours
  7. Miami – 4.6 hours
  8. Seattle – 4.4 hours
  9. Las Vegas – 4 hours
  10. Phoenix – 3.9 hours

When the people polled were asked, ‘Do you prefer shopping online, or in stores and shopping malls?’ more than a third, 36%, said they liked shopping on the internet more. 24% said they liked to take their time when shopping, while only 9% claimed to ‘hate’ the process of browsing and buying items.

Mark Pearson, chairman of CouponCodes4U.com, had the following to say about the study:

“With the holiday season fast approaching, we wanted to discover the shopping habits of people across America and which cities spend the most time using their wallets and credit card. It was interesting to see just how many days the average American spends shopping in a year; 7.5 days is very high and over a lifetime that would equate to a lot of time in shopping malls or browsing online!”

He continued,

“CouponCodes4U.com has a great variety of discounts and coupons allowing shoppers to save money on their purchases online or to pay less for meals in restaurants and days out. I would certainly advise having a look through the site for discounts in the run up to the holiday season.”

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