Best Budget Calculator apps for 2015

by Site Manager on February 3, 2015

best-budget-calculator-appBest Budget Calculators Apps for Your Android Device

There are many top-rated, high-quality budget calculators and budget apps currently available for your Android device. Regardless of whether you are attempting to relieve yourself from the despair of debt, have one or more financial goals, or, simply want to determine where your money is going by creating a budget, you will find that there are many apps currently available that will assist you with your financial-related goals. In a recent evaluation of the apps available on the internet, it was established that there are several budget calculators and other types of budget apps that are winning a high level of acclaim among Android users. In this guide, you will be introduced to the top three, based on consumer appeal, features, and functionality.

The Personal Finance App by

When it comes to the world of budgeting, ranks as the website with the highest level of appeal, among consumers. now offers a personal finance app for Android devices that is similar to the online tool available for desktop and laptop computer users. Not only does this app include one of the best budget calculators, it also includes numerous other tools and features such as the ability to connect all financial accounts in one central location so that you may effectively track your spending. Additionally, the app allows you to categorize the spending that you engage in, pay your bills from one convenient location, and check balances in an instant. You may also set up the app to provide you with reminders for the payments that are coming up and to notify you if you have a balance that starts to go low in an account. The features and functionality associated with the personal finance app make it one of the most popular budget apps available to Android users today.

The Easy Envelope Budget Aid App

All throughout history, many financial experts have suggested utilizing visual aids in order to effectively tame the instinct to spend. One of the most common visual aids for this budgeting method is the use of envelopes. The Easy Envelope Budget Aid app provides you with up to 20 highly-appealing, virtual-based envelopes that will allow you to sort your regular expenses, as well as your not-so-regular expenses. You may then place your spending amounts within the app and it keeps a total. If you want to utilize budget calculators and would like a safe app for monitoring expenses, this is an ideal choice. In addition to these features, it also allows other individuals to connect easily to the budget that you have in place and provides an online backup so that your information is never lost.

The iExpenseIt Budget App

If you are interested in budget calculators that are loaded with features that will help you maximize every opportunity to make your money go further, the iExpenseIt Budget app is for you! Many financial experts rank this Android app exceptionally high due to its user-friendly interface and the immense amount of features integrated into the app. Examples of the features that you may find to be appealing include currency transitions, the ability to quickly calculate vehicle mileage, identifying spending trends, and establishing a budget. The app also allows a user to export data to either a CSV file or a HTML file, along with a copy of the digital receipt. While it is true that this budget app does have a price tag on it, those that have utilized it claim that it is well worth the small expense.


As you can see from the information in this guide, there are many budget calculators and budget apps available for your Android device that will permit you to track expenses, monitor accounts, and make the most of your finances. You are sure to discover that at least one of these best budget calculator apps outlined in this financial guide matches your device and your personal preferences. As with any type of application and any type of technology, it is advised that you experiment to determine which of the many budgeting calculators and tools are most effective to your needs. The ultimate goal is to limit spending, meet your financial obligations, take steps to succeed in your financial goals, and to make the most of your budget. All of the apps outlined here are designed to do all of this, and more! By trying out one of the many budget calculators today, you will find that it will be easier to manage your money for all of your tomorrows!

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