5 Unhealthy Money Beliefs That Sabotage Your Financial Success

July 15, 2014

Needless to say, your psychology about money greatly impacts your financial success. Finance experts emphasize the importance of having the right financial mindset to manage your spending and be able to pay off debt, set a substantial emergency fund, or saving for retirement. Here are five of the most common beliefs about money that are […]

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9 Great Tips for Saving Money & Paying Off Debt

February 24, 2012

(Guest Post) Saving money can be an incredibly slow process, and paying off personal debt can be even more tedious. Both take patience, discipline, and determination. Once you learn how to use interest rates to your advantage though, your money will start growing before your eyes. However, you have to learn to pay yourself first.  […]

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Web Searches Reveal Americans Seeking Personal Finance Help

September 21, 2010

Americans Looking to Retire Rich but 401K Hardship Searches Spiking on Yahoo! It seems consumers are all across the board in regards to the economy and their future financial plans, and Yahoo! users are no different as they turn to the web to seek financial advice.  Yahoo! looked at the most searched personal finance topics including searches for “how […]

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New Mint Video: Climbing out of 856.6 Billion in Credit Debt

July 8, 2010

The total U.S. revolving debt (98 percent of which is made up of credit card debt) is  $852.6 billion. In response, Quest for Credit, an animated short about the perils of credit card debt was released by Mint.com: The video follows our hero as he finds himself in the land of the debtors thanks to […]

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New USAA Tool Helps Make Budgeting Easy

June 28, 2010

To help customers manage everyday spending, USAA Bank is introducing an online personal finance tool. Through USAA Money Manager, customers can monitor their banking accounts and up-to-the-minute transactions in one safe, secure location on usaa.com, says Jeff Easley, executive director, deposits product management at USAA Federal Savings Bank. “Our customers have told us they want […]

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YNAB (You Need A Budget) Now on IPhone

June 18, 2010

YNAB now has it’s own iPhone App. Here is a video, and other information, from their website:   Lightning-quick transaction entry. No more stuffing receipts in your pocket! Stay on top of your budget by checking budget balances on-the-go. Quickly and easily sync with YNAB for Desktop over wi-fi! Full Feature List View your budget […]

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Mint.com Extends its Reach to Virtually Every US Bank

April 29, 2010

Get the Full Financial Picture: Mint.com Works With Nearly All U.S. Banks Using Intuit’s Technology Doubles Bank Access, Completes Users’ Experience MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 19, 2010 – More than 3 million people use Mint.com to get a quick, comprehensive view of their banking and financial information. That view is available to millions more as […]

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