Finance News Wrap Up: Top Stories in Jobs and Money

November 27, 2014

The Part-Time Economic Crisis in America Millions upon millions of Americans are currently part of the part-time economic crisis. These individuals are unable to find full-time employment opportunities; therefore, they are forced to obtain one, two, or even three part-time positions in order to make ends meet. In some instances, these individuals are still struggling […]

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The World of Corporate Foreign Exchange

October 1, 2012

In today’s global economy corporations from one country often do business with corporations from another country. When it comes to paying one another for their goods or services each corporation will have separate currencies with values based on their home country. A corporate foreign exchange will covert the value of one currency into the currency […]

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National Guard Application Helps Users Plan Their Future

September 13, 2011

(Got this in an email today — maybe it helps someone?) It’s graduation day.  Your name was just called and you are steps away from receiving your diploma.  Your family looks on, proud of your accomplishment.  As you reach for your diploma, you smile as you remember all the hard work it took to get […]

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USAA Named Best Place to Work in IT Field

June 24, 2010

Computerworld ranks financial services firm for the military No. 1 SAN ANTONIO – If you’re looking for the best place to work in the Information Technology field, you won’t find it in Silicon Valley. It isn’t even a software developer or technology company. According to Computerworld, the leading technology news source, the best place to […]

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