Voluntary Foreclosure Generation Now Walk Away From Other Obligations

June 25, 2010

Number of People Voluntarily Walking Away from Car Lease Contract has Tripled MIAMI – (June 16, 2010) – More people are voluntarily foreclosing on their houses, but are they also voluntarily walking away from their car contracts? Online car lease website says the number of people voluntarily walking away from their car lease contract […]

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The Good News and Bad News of Recessionary Wages

June 10, 2010

via Coupon Sherpa We recently published a new post, “The Good News and Bad News of Recessionary Wages,” that I thought you might like. Jobs are up over 500,000 since December…but is this news really all that great?  To dig a little deeper, we compiled the latest good news, bad news and possibly irrelevant news […]

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Senate Banking Committee Moves Financial Reform Another Step Forward

March 24, 2010

Statement From Michael Calhoun, President, CRL March 23, 2010 “Yesterday’s vote by the Senate Banking Committee to move forward with financial reform sends an important message that Congress must change the rules so that consumers are protected from unfair practices, our economy is protected from the damage of bad lending, and taxpayers won’t have to pay for […]

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