9 Great Tips for Saving Money & Paying Off Debt

February 24, 2012

(Guest Post) Saving money can be an incredibly slow process, and paying off personal debt can be even more tedious. Both take patience, discipline, and determination. Once you learn how to use interest rates to your advantage though, your money will start growing before your eyes. However, you have to learn to pay yourself first.  […]

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Your Complete Guide to Cheap College Textbooks

September 9, 2010

(Guest post by Coupon Sherpa) Research shows textbook prices have increased at four times the rate of inflation since 1994, with no end in sight. It’s no secret students are turning to alternative methods for cheap college textbooks. But how many upperclassmen teach Cheap Textbooks 101 to incoming freshmen? Perhaps that’s why college students now […]

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Unplug Your Computer Energy Costs

September 6, 2010

(via Computer energy use is the secret culprit behind outrageous electric bills at almost any modern home or business office. Most computers waste nearly half the power they draw, putting a strain on cooling fans and your wallet without doing diddly for applications. In 2004 alone, U.S. companies tossed $1 billion with lackadaisical computer-energy […]

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5 Ways to Avoid Cell-Phone Bill Shock

August 23, 2010

(via Consumer Reports) Today’s multitalented cell phones can easily seduce you into texting, talking, or downloading more than you planned. The result can be hundreds of dollars in unexpected penalty fees. Some 30 million Americans have experienced cellular bill shock, a surprise spike not related to a change in the service plan. The projection is […]

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Personal Finance Expert Gives Commandments to “Get Thee Out of Debt”

August 5, 2010

Just like the government, consumers are trying to find answers to the economic crisis.  Many of these consumers are concerned about debt, more specifically how to control debt. Laura Rowley, Yahoo! Finance personal finance guru gives key commandments to make sure they act as their own financial regulators. Her commandments include: Thou shalt not live beyond thy means. […]

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You Should Watch Your Net Worth

August 4, 2010

Chicago, July 26, 2010 — In an effort to control their personal finances, many people have focused on two things: reducing spending and reducing outstanding debt.  Both of these are essential goals for those who found themselves deep in debt when the economy changed.  Their excessive spending (spending more than they earned) caused them to […]

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Amex Mid-Year Financial Check-up: Consumers Keeping Debt in Check

July 29, 2010

Majority of Consumers Report No Increase in Debt Over Past Six Months According to American Express Spending & Saving Tracker NEW YORK – In a mid-year financial check up, three-quarters (75%) of Americans say their debt has not increased over the past six months and in fact more than a third (38%) say their debt […]

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