5 Ways to Avoid Cell-Phone Bill Shock

August 23, 2010

(via Consumer Reports) Today’s multitalented cell phones can easily seduce you into texting, talking, or downloading more than you planned. The result can be hundreds of dollars in unexpected penalty fees. Some 30 million Americans have experienced cellular bill shock, a surprise spike not related to a change in the service plan. The projection is […]

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3rd Annual FREE SHIPPING DAY Slated For December 17

August 16, 2010

Created to extend the online holiday shopping season for merchants and give procrastinating consumers one final chance to surf the Internet for gifts, the event expects to attract more than 1,000 retailers this year Fort Collins, CO – Black Friday and Cyber Monday once again have company in the holiday shopping season. The third annual […]

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What to Do If Your Bank or S&L Fails

August 13, 2010

Great Barrington, Mass. – With 775 – or nearly 10 percent – of all U. S. banks and savings & loans on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s list of “official problem institutions,” consumers need to prepare themselves for more bank failures and take special care if their bank is taken over by another, the American […]

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BYO Food … And Save Hundreds on Your Next Trip

August 12, 2010

With signs that the down economy is here to stay (a least for now!), travelers are finding more inventive ways to game the system and plan trips on a dime. One of the latest trends is widely being referred to as the BYOF boom – bringing your own food and drink and forgoing overpriced room […]

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Personal Finance Expert Gives Commandments to “Get Thee Out of Debt”

August 5, 2010

Just like the government, consumers are trying to find answers to the economic crisis.  Many of these consumers are concerned about debt, more specifically how to control debt. Laura Rowley, Yahoo! Finance personal finance guru gives key commandments to make sure they act as their own financial regulators. Her commandments include: Thou shalt not live beyond thy means. […]

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New Book: “Your Life and Your Money”

July 23, 2010

Who’s in charge here? Your family Chief Financial Officer In every family, one of the great revelations in life is realizing that someone has to take charge of the family finances.  Whether it’s the husband or the wife doesn’t really matter. They recognize that financial stress is a constant issue and they take responsibility for […]

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Got Gas? How to Save Money at the Pump

July 22, 2010

Via Esurance Gas prices are quite high again, and summer means road-trips, weekend excursions, etc. Here are a handful of tips from Esurance that will help you get the most out of your car, for the least amount of money: 1. Drive Less – It’s good for you, the environment, and your car – Walk, […]

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