Compensation Claims – The Facts

by News Guy on May 22, 2012

For people who’ve suffered personal injuries in any environment that were caused by someone else, there are a number of useful things which you should know before you begin to think about making a claim for compensation.

Here are some of the most important facts about compensation claims which will help you while making one:

  • Claims can be made if it’s been proved that your accident was caused by someone else. This could have been on the road if your car was crashed into and you suffered whiplash, if you suffered a trip, slip or fall on a poorly-maintained surface in a public space of in an accident at work. Medical negligence, which covers things like operations gone wrong, misdiagnosis of illnesses and being prescribed the incorrect medicine also counts.
  • Before making a claim, you need evidence supporting the fact that you’re injured. This could include medical records which can be easily obtained from your doctor, GP or even the hospital where you received treatment, prescription forms and anything else which is applicable. Evidence of loss of income, if relevant, is also useful, as it could determine the amount of compensation you may receive.
  • Many lawyers and solicitors who specialise in cases relating to personal injuries promise to work on a no win no fee basis. This means that, if they lose your claim, you don’t have to pay them anything. This means that, if you decide to claim, you have absolutely nothing to lose.
  • If you suffer an accident at work which results in an injury which means you can’t do your job for some time, then you’re given extra protection against being sacked if claiming against your employer. Again, by doing this, you’re not risking too much.
  • Should your compensation claim be successful, you are likely to receive the appropriate amount. The money awarded to you will help to meet the costs of such things as lost working hours, medication, medical and physical treatment and perhaps other things such as physiotherapy.

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