Families Searching for Holiday Saving Tips This Christmas

by Site Manager on December 15, 2014

holiday-saving-tips-christmasHoliday Retail Sales Finance News Indicates: More Families Searching for Holiday Saving Tips This Christmas

According to retail sales finance news stories associated with the holidays, more and more families are searching for money saving tips and ideas this season. Based on a survey conducted by Accenture, approximately 46% of all people agree that they have a tendency to overspend during the holidays and do not adhere to a strict budget. Based on information derived from a survey conducted by Deloitte, over half of all consumers do not even create a holiday budget. This year, though, more and more people are searching for ways to create bargain family holidays. This stems from the fact that most of these individuals have suffered from a high level of sticker shock when the very first bank statement or credit card statements arrive in the New Year. This year, the holiday retail sales finance news stories are surrounding how families can successfully overcome the “holiday hangover”. In this brief coverage of the news surrounding this topic, you will learn how you can enjoy bargain family holidays by adhering to the money saving tips and ideas introduced throughout this piece.

The Gifting Hangover

During the holidays, it is easy and considered to be very common for individuals to find themselves encountering the mentality that they must buy, buy, and buy some more. Based on information from the poll taken by Gallup, most individuals expect to put out at least $781.00 on the gifts that they purchase, on average. Based on the last holiday season, this is up $77.00. Robyn Spizman, who is nationally recognized as an expert in gift-giving explains that, during the holidays, many find themselves crunched for time and just want to ensure that they are able to buy for everyone that they need to purchase for, in the shortest amount of time possible. As a result, items are randomly grabbed off the shelves – both virtual shelves and physical shelves – without any type of comparison shopping. When this happens, more money is spent than is necessary. As a result, the shoppers end up experiencing the gifting hangover. To avoid this complications, those that are looking to experience family bargain holidays and money saving tips and ideas should avoid random shopping trips or experiences without first creating a very specific and realistic holiday budget.

Emphasize Thought, Not Expense

Across all retail sales finance news stories surrounding the process of saving money this holiday season, a main theme is to emphasize thought, not expense. Most individuals go into gift buying with the opinion that the more money they spend, the more their gift will be liked by the recipient. Based on the opinion of experts in the gift industry, items that have a sentimental value or twist are likely to be enjoyed more than gifts that broke the bank. If you want to save money and avoid the holiday hangover, put some thought into your gifts. Not only will you save money, you are likely to create a memorable experience for the recipient of your special, sentimental gift.

Make a List, Check it Twice

When searching through the retail sales finance news stories surrounding Christmas, you will find that most experts are recommending not only the use of a holiday budget, but, also, a list. In order to enjoy family bargain holidays, you should make a list and check it twice. You should not sway from your list. This list should include all of the individuals that you want to purchase for and the amount that you want to budget for each of the gifts. In taking this step, you are sure to save a lot of cash this holiday season!


Retail sales finance news stories indicate that more and more people are trying to avoid spending a lot this holiday season because of the holiday hangover that they experienced last year. These individuals are searching for creative ways to have bargain family holidays. They are searching for money saving tips and ideas to make the most of their money this Christmas. Santa has never had to auction off any of the reindeers in order to spread joy and happiness throughout the holidays and you should not have to do this, either. By following the simple strategies outlined in this guide, you are sure to avoid staying within your budget and not being a statistic in next year’s retail sales finance news stories regarding the common holiday hangover that millions of people experience.

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