Financial Planning for the New Year

by Site Manager on December 26, 2014

newyear2015Financial Planning for the New Year

There are many financial management money tips for individuals interested in financial planning for the New Year. A good majority of the save money financial tips offered for the New Year actually pertain to the holiday season that occurs before January 1st. If you want to experience a more financially sound year, you must actually start before the close of the previous year. As the holiday season comes into full swing, the weather is getting colder, family and friends are gathering around the fireplace, and the absolute highest spending for credit card holders is occurring. It is easy to get caught up within the spirit of the holidays, only to awake in the New Year with a tremendous amount of debt. In this brief guide, you will be introduced to a few different financial management money tips that will allow you to experience the happiest financial-based New Year and a higher level of financial stability throughout the year.

Make a List for the Holiday, and Check it Twice
It has been established that 70% of all individuals thoroughly enjoy purchasing presents for their friends and relatives, but approximately 40% of those people are consistently worried about overspending when buying those gifts. Before the holidays, you should make a list that outlines who you want to buy a gift for. Once this list is created, you should evaluate your finances and income to determine how much you are able to budget for the entire holiday season.

Once you have this created, you may then take your list of people and prioritize it, outlining how much to spend on each person. For example, you may want to spend up to $100 on a loved one, but, only up to $25 on a neighbor. Once you have made this list, be certain to stick to it by checking it twice. Regardless of how tempting it may be to exceed your budget or add an additional person on your list, avoid it. This is one of the most important save money financial tips for those wanting to have a positive and productive financial-based New Year.

Keep Tabs on Credit
The next financial management money tip for those wanting to experience a financial sound New Year is to keep tab on credit charges. During the holidays, it is quite common for individuals to charge gifts and other items. You should consistently track what you are spending on your credit cards and watch the interest rates. If you want to avoid having to pay extra money, try to pay off everything you have charged before the end of what is called the “Grace Period”.

Take the 52 Week Challenge!
The next way to have an outstanding New Year is to take the 52 week challenge! This is a great and realistic way to save money for the next holiday season. The average American will spend over $800 on holiday shopping. This challenge allows you to save $1,378 a year! If placed in a savings account that accumulates interest, you have the ability to save even more! For the details on this challenge, visit:

By following these save money financial tips outlined in this guide, you will equip yourself with the means to make money and keep money. You will experience higher levels of financial success, and less money problems. All it takes is a little creativity and research, and you will discover many financial management money tips that are sure to put more money in your pocket and less money in the pockets of others!

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