Financial Wealth Management Tips for Single Parents

by Site Manager on May 21, 2015

Financial Wealth ManagementIn this guide, many financial wealth management tips will be provided that are appropriate for single parents. While being a parent poses numerous challenges in itself, single parenting is considered to be one of the hardest jobs. Naturally, it is a rewarding job, but, it does not include a salary of any type. It is not at all uncommon for single parents to struggle to produce an income, much less stretch that income to meet the needs and desires of their family, as a whole. In the year 2006, the Census Bureau in the United States tallied all of the one-parent households in the nation. At that time, it was estimated that there were 13 million. Today, that figure has easily doubled. If you are searching for ways to manage money and you are a single parent, continue reading this guide for highly valuable information that may, quite possibly, transform your life and the lives of your children.

Finding a Balance

It should come as no surprise that the very first and most productive financial wealth management tip is to find a balance. As you adjust to your life as a single parent, you will discover that you face many challenges that have the potential to completely zap your energy that were not present before the birth of your child, your divorce, or the death of your spouse. You will be required to develop a balanced strategy that will aid in meeting both the financial and the emotional needs of yourself, as well as your family. Finding a balance is no easy feat; however, it is a necessary one that will require designated time for your work, pursuing additional money making opportunities, caring for your home, and spending quality time with your children. When finding a balance, be certain to leave room for yourself, too!

Focus on Controlling Your Spending

If you are searching for ways to manage money as a single parent, it is quite likely that you find yourself coming up short, financially, each month. One of the best techniques for avoiding this issue is to control your spending. You will need to develop a budget that outlines your financial obligations, allows you to create an emergency fund, and eliminate any unnecessary expenses. When working on controlling your spending, you should ensure that you take advantage of sales, coupons, and other types of savings – such as buying in bulk, or creating menus for your meals.

Pursue Your Passion

As a single parent, you may find yourself working a 9 to 5 job because you “have to”, or, you may find yourself juggling several jobs as the result of the part-time job economic crisis that is currently plaguing the nation. While you should remain in any job that you have in order to meet the financial and emotional demands of your family, you should also ensure that you set time aside to pursue your passion. In doing so, you are opening yourself up to a new money making opportunity that may help you succeed in the area of financial wealth management. For example, if you enjoy thrifting, perhaps you could find deals and specialize in selling certain items on eBay. You may be surprised at what people will buy and how much they will spend! For example, in early March, a ladies jeweled black leather bag by Ralph Lauren sold for an amazing $449.00! Perhaps, by thrifting, you will be able to run across such merchandise. Of course, you may not like thrifting. Maybe you enjoy making videos or writing – if it is your passion, pursue it and monetize on that passion!


There are numerous financial wealth management strategies available for single parents. If you are a single parent that is attempting to uncover ways to manage money simply find a balance, create a budget and focus on controlling your spending, pursue your passion and monetize your passion! Not only will you find that you are able to make more money, over time, than you did when you were with your spouse, but, you will find that you have more time to spend with the people that mean the most in your life – your children! Follow the financial wealth management tips contained in this guide today, and you will discover that you spend fewer tomorrows searching for ways to manage money as a single parent!

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