Is Having an 0870 Number Bad for your Business?

by News Guy on May 17, 2012

To run a successful business you need to attract and retain as many customers as possible and today there are lots of ways to communicate with potential clients.

However, talking with clients over the phone is one of the most successful ways of selling a product or service and most people still prefer to conduct business transactions on the phone rather than online.

Some business owners believe that changing their geographical number for an 08 number will improve their business, but unless you are likely to receive thousands of phone calls it is much more likely to be detrimental.

If you own a business you might be tempted to use an 08 number because you feel it makes you appear more professional and prestigious.¬† However, most potential customers are put off by phone numbers that begin with 08 because they know they’ll be charged a premium rate to call from a landline and even more for calling from mobiles.

Most phone companies offer very cheap rates for local calls in order to attract as many customers as possible. Mobile phone companies also offer reduced rates for calls to friends and family. Because of the drop in price for local and domestic calls, contacting someone through a 08 number has become extremely expensive and in many cases can cost more than ten pence per minute from landlines.

When a potential client is offered a choice between a local call or an 08 number, they’re more likely to choose the option that won’t cost them a lot of money. These days business owners need to do everything they can to attract and keep customers, not put customers off by forcing them to make expensive calls.

So if you are a business owner thinking of making the switch from geographical to 08 numbers then consider the points above carefully before you make a decision.

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