Not Having SSL Is Costly To Your Ecommerce Site

by News Guy on February 3, 2013

With security being at the forefront of consumer interest, you can’t afford not to have at least basic security knowledge when it comes to ecommerce. Companies exist that aim to make SSL certificate acquisition a simple task, whilst still verifying the identities of certificate signing applicants. The nuts and bolts underneath SSL have not changed in years, because providing you are using a minimum of 128-bit encryption (ideally 256-bit encryption should be used), the process of generating a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and installing the resulting SSL certificate is still largely the same.

When you go for a product like Secure Site Pro, you are getting the strongest certificate with the least hassle. Although it does not have Extended Validation (full identity checks are required for this), it does not mean it is less secure – in fact it is just as secure as other certificates. Your business is still verified by the issuing authority, and you can still use the Norton Secured Seal. However for more general purpose use, where taking payments is not required, this certificate would be ideal – but use your own judgement. If having your visitors trust that their data is secured is of paramount importance and you think they will be looking for the signs of Extended Validation (for example a green address bar), then perhaps it is time to upgrade.

What happens if you don’t have SSL on your website at all? If you’re not taking payments, and don’t provide a login system, then not a lot. However, as soon as you start dealing with private data such as passwords, credit card numbers and so on, then it’s definitely the time to start thinking about having an SSL certificate. If you don’t, customers will notice and they will drop off your website. This is costly to your business as it means lost revenue when you may have paid for ad expenditure or other lead generation.

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