Online Coupon Website Attracts Bargain-Hunters

by News Guy on July 5, 2010

Victoria, BC (June 25, 2010) Couponers now have a new tool to track how much they save using coupons via a facebook application.

Grocery Alerts Canada has developed the first facebook coupon tracker that allows you a direct and easy way to start counting those savings.

Coupon processor Inmar Inc. said “coupon redemption earlier this year was up 27 percent in 2009 compared to 2008 — because in large part of the recession.”

The application allows you to view your savings throughout the entire year and sort by store, amount saved, and date. Co-Founder Lina Zussino has started tracking her savings and stated, “I am an avid coupon user, but I was surprised that in two weeks I managed a savings of over $42 using coupons.”

Couponers need to remember these tips:

  • Save your receipts every time you buy groceries. You can input them in the application as soon as you get home or online via Facebook.
  • Remember to bring your coupons every shopping trip to maximize your savings.
  • Tracking your spending can be extremely beneficial. It is great to see the cumulative savings at the end of the year.

Some mega couponers save thousands of dollars each year. Co-Founder, Lina Zussino, wanted a simple way to track how much her family was saving using coupons each year. “I wanted to show to my friends and family how much I was saving but I also wanted others to be able to track their savings easily without a complicated spreadsheet,” said Zussino.

The application has turned in a competition between Lina and her husband, Steven to see how much they can save using coupons this year.

The free application is available at Couponers now have great evidence to see the efforts and results with coupons.

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