Save Money Tips for the Impulsive Shopper

by Site Manager on May 7, 2015

save money tipsIf you are an impulsive shopper, it is imperative that you learn a few save money tips that will allow you to train your brain to spend in a much smarter fashion. Despite the economic challenges of our nation, such as the part-time job economic crisis and high unemployment rates, impulsive shopping is becoming more and more commonplace. We live in a culture of high and lavish consumption. As a result, it is common for us to succumb to the many temptations presented to use by online retailers and traditional brick and mortar retailers. As a result, we disregard the consequences that are often associated with quick purchases until we are experiencing those consequences, firsthand. The only real reward associated with impulsive shopping is instant gratification, which, as you know, is short-lived happiness. If you are ready to take control over your finances and save more cash, continue reading for the best tips to save money for the shopper who purchases impulsively.

Deter Emotional Enjoyment by Tracking Purchases

One of the best save money tips for those that make last-minute purchases and are, generally, impulsive when it comes to their spending habits is to track every single purchase that you make. That is, when you buy something, write it down. When you engage in random shopping sprees that are not planned, it becomes an emotional-based and enjoyable experience. You experience “highs” and “thrills” as you engage in your out-of-control shopping adventures. This tricks the brain into believing that impulsive buying is the way to go; unfortunately, you know better than that. Because of this fact, you should approach shopping and spending in a rational manner. You must deter the emotional enjoyment of the random shopping experience by MAKING yourself write down each and every single thing that you buy. Once you start associating your random spending spurts with rational tracking techniques, your brain will quickly search for other, possibly more productive, activities for you to engage yourself.

Creating a Vision

The brain loves to daydream. Thoughts are consistently going in and out of the brain at an amazing rate of speed. Believe it or not, faster than you are able to spend your money on those random purchases that you have not planned! If you want to learn how to train the brain in such a way that it wants to save instead of spend, you must create a vision that it can focus on….It could be a new pair of shoes, a new shirt, a new cell phone, a new car, a new home, or even a dream vacation. It does not matter what just so long as you find it attractive. Once you have outlined the vision, determine how much you need to save to live the vision you have created. Once you know how much you need to save, you will quickly find that it is fun to save! When it comes to save money tips, creating a vision is one of the most productive means to training the brain to put away cash in a safe spot, instead of giving that cash away!


You have been introduced to two of the best tips to save money in this brief guide. The first tip is to rationalize your purchases with a means of tracking in order to deter the emotional enjoyment associated with impulsive shopping. The second tip is to create a vision of something that you would like to have, do, or see so that you have motivation to save your money. While there are only two save money tips; they are extremely powerful tips that have the potential to, literally, transform your life! Apply these save money tips to avoid impulsive shopping today and watch your savings grow for many tomorrows!

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