Smashion: A New Online No-fees Fashion Marketplace & Community

by News Guy on May 24, 2010

Smashion enables users to buy or sell lightly-worn or NWT (new with tag) apparel and accessories on a no-fees marketplace, and in the meantime, express their unique style and converse with each other on fashion topics.

The site is in response to the growing trend in wearing second-hand clothing and the lack of a community-based, fashion-focused online marketplace where fashion-conscious individuals can make the best use of their wardrobe.

The site shows that closet recyclers don’t have to go to consignment stores to sell their merchandise — where they’ll lose a percentage of their profits. Smashion’s hope is that their awesome users have fun refreshing their wardrobe, while finding great deals to restock their closet with and keeping all the profit for themselves. is fairly new, officially launched in the beginning of October 2009. Since then, it’s attracted not only ordinary users selling second-hand clothing, but also independent designers who are tired of high fees on other sites.

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