T-Mobile Kicking Off New Back-to-School Promotion

by News Guy on July 27, 2010

(via T-Mobile)

These days, in addition to notebooks and pencils, many parents are finding that mobile phones are an essential back-to-school supply.   When choosing the right cell phone for kids, texting trumps phone calls every time when kids are communicating with their friends and family.  Note:  Close to 70% of T-Mobile customers are text messaging and more than half of teens text daily with their friends and family!

That is why T-Mobile is kicking off a new promotion to help families stay connected just in time for back-to-school.  Starting this week, customers can sign up for T-Mobile’s Even More Family Plan with a two-year contract and get the latest messaging phones (Samsung :), Gravity 3 and Gravity T) for free after a mail-in rebate…and unlimited texting for everyone on your family plan is just $20 per month.

More details are available for customers at http://www.t-mobile.com/Promotions/ResourceTemplate.aspx?PAsset=Pro_Pro_BTS&WT.ac=0640HOM04

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