The Benefits of LEED Building Designs

by News Guy on December 13, 2012

(Guest Post)

When it comes to saving money, one of the places few people think to look is their home itself. How the building was constructed originally can have a big impact on how much money one can save on heating, cooling, electricity, and even medical costs. Those are just some of the many benefits that come with owning a condominium constructed using the LEED program.

The LEED, or leadership in energy efficiency design, program has sparked a revolution in green construction. From new ways to insulate a home to using more solar power, LEED projects are working to reduce costs for homeowners while protecting the environment. These projects represent the cutting edge in green building technology and sustainable living initiatives.

Some of the many ways a LEED condominium can help save money include new types of insulation. These are made from renewable resources and help keep the temperature from changing along the walls. Windows are made to utilize the sunlight in the winder or to block it in the summer. These windows also reduce the amount of heating or cooling lost as drafts through cracks.

LEED homes have water filtration systems to help purify the water without harsh chemicals. These help to reduce water-borne illnesses and conditions. Solar panels and energy efficient appliances further cut utility costs for the home. Top it off with compact fluorescent light bulbs and you have a money long-term saving machine.

Sustainable homes are built with fewer chemicals than older homes. Older homes are littered with lead paint and asbestos insulation. Today’s home can be built without these and many other hazardous chemicals. The carpets, paints, utilities, even the drywall can be made from renewable resources and natural materials combined with the latest techniques and technology to be as efficient as possible.

By creating an environment free of hazardous building materials and toxins, a family can live a longer and healthier life without costly medical bills piling up. The latest in filter technology can even help remove airborne viruses and toxins before they enter the house.

Building projects are seen going up every, most notably Evolo is leading the way in LEED projects in the Montreal condos market. Projects like this save money on utility costs. The homes can help reduce ailments and sickness, saving money on medical costs. Most of all, a LEED condo house will bring your family years of quality construction in a sustainable fashion.

Money, health, and a better planet; who knew a LEED constructed condo could provide all those benefits from the first day.

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