The “Lucky Seven” Survival Tips for Recent Grads

by News Guy on June 17, 2014

Once upon a time, when college students graduated they felt like the world was in front of them. The unemployment rate was low, college trained workers were in high demand, wages were gradually rising, and life was good. These days, many college graduates are struggling to land good jobs and manage their finances after graduating. Let’s go over some survival tips!

Tip one: Keep Your Costs Low. This should seem like common sense, but many college grads go on a spending splurge when they graduate. Even if you land a good job, keep your costs as low as possible while you build up an emergency fund.

Tip Two: Intern, but choose the right internship. Interning after you graduate is fine, but you should be selective in choosing an internship. Make sure the internship will provide valuable skills and try to intern at expanding companies.

Tip Three: Move back to the nest, but don’t plan to stay. Moving back with mom and dad for a few months can be a good choice. You won’t be tied to a lease anywhere, so you can apply everywhere. Just make sure you don’t get complacent.

Tip Four: Consider international opportunities. Sometimes your job prospects abroad will be better than locally. Trained teachers, for example, are in high demand in many emerging markets. And the elite academies hiring foreign teachers will often pay more than U.S. schools.

Tip Five: Consider a fellowship. The government and other organizations sponsor many fellowships. Often, these fellowships will pay less than a regular job in the same field, but the experience can be extremely valuable. Check out the Peace Corps, Fulbright, AmeriCorps and others.

Tip Six: Freelance until you can find a full time job. Consider your degree and skills, and see if there are any freelancing opportunities you can use to earn some money and also build up skills. For example, if you are a web designer, you can freelance building websites until you find a company to hire you full time. Check out,, and

Tip Seven: Try, and try again. Never give up! Send out a hundred resumes and if you don’t hear back, send out a hundred more!

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