Unusual Tax Deductions for 2015

by Site Manager on March 18, 2015

tax-deductionsThere are several unusual tax deductions available for individuals that file a tax return in 2015. Tax season is now, officially, in full swing. People across the nation are deducting a wide assortment of items that others may not realize may be itemized on their tax return. The tax code within the United States allows for many tax deductions, tax-based credits, and numerous exemptions that are highly unusual, but, completely legitimate. In this guide, you will learn about three unusual tax deductions that you may take advantage of in the year of 2015.

The Swimming Pool

There are many health benefits associated with swimming. According to medical professionals, swimming has the capability of building body endurance, increasing the cardiovascular fitness levels, assists in maintaining healthy body weight, improves the health of the lungs, improves balance and coordination, alleviates stress, and provides low-impact therapy for individuals that have certain medical conditions and/or injuries. If your health could benefit from the use of a swimming pool, you may place the pool on your list of tax deductions. Recently, an individual with arthritis was prescribed to swim on a regular basis. He had a swimming pool placed on his property and deducted all of the expenses associated with the endeavor from his taxes. The Internal Revenue Service investigated the situation and finally approved the deduction; however, if the pool had been installed for recreational purposes, it would not have been considered an approved tax deduction.

Physical Fitness

If you have been instructed by a doctor to lose weight and get in shape because not doing so could put your health and/or your life in danger, you may include any and all tax deductions pertaining to the activities that must be performed in order to help you reach your goals. It does not matter what remedy you are utilizing to accomplish your goals, as long as it helps you to drop unhealthy pounds, lowers your cholesterol level, improves your heart health, and helps to reduce your blood glucose level, you may count it in your tax deductions. Examples include certain types of diets, books, gym memberships, and supplies that help you monitor your body’s progress – such as scales and/or blood pressure monitors.

Music Equipment and Lessons

If you or a child suffers from certain medical conditions, music equipment and lessons may be included as tax deductions. For example, if a doctor recommends clarinet lessons to reduce the pain of a child’s overbite, or piano lessons for a child with ADHD to strengthen the brain and increase the attention span, the IRS will approve musical instruments and lessons to learn how to play those instruments as tax deductions. The secret is to ensure that a doctor recommends, approves, and/or prescribes the use of the instruments as a means of addressing and treating a medical disorder.


As you can see from the information contained in this guide, there are many unusual tax deductions that may be taken advantage of in the year of 2015. Most of these deductions pertain directly to the health, but, there are others that do not pertain to the health. For example, if you own a business, you may write off owning a guard dog and lawn care that is performed for that business. In one instance, an individual wrote off expenses pertaining to a cat because the feline kept rodents and other pests away from the business. If you are a parent that is actively involved in a charity and requires babysitting services while you are volunteering, you may write off the babysitting expenses as tax deductions. By using your creativity, you are sure to find that there are many tax deductions that you may take advantage of in the year of 2015.

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