Using Credit Cards Responsibly

by News Guy on February 14, 2012

(Guest Post)

Before you start receiving high paying credit card bills in the mail, you need to know how to use your credit card responsibly so you will not have to pay that much money every month. One way to avoid paying high interest rates is do not give your teenagers or your children your card from your purse or wallet when you step away from it so be sure to keep everything with you and make it impossible for anyone to steal. With the way the economy is a lot of people are desperate and would love to get their hands on someone else’s money. To deal with a situation like that sooner rather than later, be sure you are keeping an eye on what you are paying for. If you notice that a payment was not made by you or your significant other, then contact your credit card company right away to have your card cancelled and avoid more costs being charged to your card.

There may be some people who are shopaholics and purchase just about anything with credit cards and do not realize that they have to pay that money back when their statement arrives. It is very important to use your credit card for emergencies only such as your car breaking down or having to bail someone out of jail. If you feel as if you do not have the self-control, then have someone hold your credit cards or have the mentality that no matter how much you want something you cannot buy it.

It is definitely hard paying money back that you cannot afford so you should definitely have it on you at all times to prevent anyone from using it or try to control your shopping habits by only using your credit cards for emergencies. Children and teenagers can be sneaky and if you are not paying attention, they will use your credit card once with permission and use it several other times since it will be in their computer system. If you follow these ways, you will definitely lower the risk of going into a financial meltdown.

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