Web Searches Reveal Americans Seeking Personal Finance Help

by News Guy on September 21, 2010

Americans Looking to Retire Rich but 401K Hardship Searches Spiking on Yahoo!

It seems consumers are all across the board in regards to the economy and their future financial plans, and Yahoo! users are no different as they turn to the web to seek financial advice.  Yahoo! looked at the most searched personal finance topics including searches for “how to save 1 million for retirement” and “401k hardship withdrawal.” In addition, Yahoo! users are searching for…

Belize or Costa Rica – the next seniors’ hot-spot:

According to searches on Yahoo!, both men and women are equally interested in retirement-related searches.

  • Searches for “retirement funds” on Yahoo! are at a 3 year high and are up 1788% this month.
  • Retirement Lifestyle is peaking; according to searches on Yahoo! folks are looking to move abroad for their retired years. Belize and Costa Rica seem to be the top retirement destinations.

Digging out of Credit Card  Debt:

  • Searches for “credit card debt” are up 124% this month on Yahoo!.
  • Searches for “how to negotiate credit card debt”, “credit card debt consolidation,” and “credit card debt relief” are off the charts this month on Yahoo!.
  • Another interesting search: “Christian Debt Counseling” Searches for the term are off the charts this month on Yahoo!.

Budgeting 101… is it a Southern Thing?

  • Top regions searching for “personal budgeting” are San Antonio, Atlanta and Washington DC. Top states searching for the same term are Texas, Georgia, and Florida
  • Searches for  “free budgeting tools” are off the charts this month on Yahoo! as consumers look for cost-effective ways to keep track of their spending and savings.
  • Budgeting is top of mind for both men and women according to searches on Yahoo!. Most budgeting-related searches are about equal between genders.

Mortgage and Refinancing Questions:

  • With mortgage rates hitting record lows this summer, people are searching the web for “lowest mortgage rates,” up 207% this month on Yahoo!.
  • Consumers are searching for the question, “how much mortgage can I afford?” (off the charts this month). To help answer that question and to help with their mortgage decision, consumers are using “mortgage calculators,” up 545% this month on Yahoo!.
  • Refinancing has become a hot topic again for many homeowners. Searches for “refinance rates” are up 578% this month on Yahoo!.

Foreclosures…is it a West Coast Thing?:

  • US. Top regions searching for “home foreclosures” are Reno, Honolulu, and Las Vegas. Top states searching for “home foreclosures” are Hawaii, Nevada and Oregon.
  • Searches for “home foreclosures” are up 111% this month on Yahoo!.
  • Searches for “home foreclosures” concentrate on the West Coast/Pacific region of the US.

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