Why do people make claims?

by News Guy on February 19, 2013

Money is hard to come by for a lot of people these days. Static incomes, the rising cost of living and rising unemployment are all making it harder for many households to simply get by. Some are experiencing hardship through no fault of their own, especially if they’ve become ill or injured because of someone else’s mistake.

Claims rising

Injuries and illnesses arising from accidents are as common now as they have always been, but it seems more and more people are making claims for compensation. To some, this trend might hint at more accidents happening, but it might also show that people are becoming aware of their rights.

Financial necessity is also driving more people towards claiming. Serious illnesses/injuries often mean people have to either temporarily or permanently leave their jobs. Lack of income coupled with high medical costs means those affected by accidents have little choice but to claim, especially if they’re left with little or no money to live on.

A recent  example of this came from first4lawyers.com which saw UK hospital worker receive £7,582 after he was exposed to asbestos whilst working. The article can be found here.

How to claim

People could be entitled to make a compensation claim if they’ve been involved in an accident at work, a car accident or if they’ve been subjected to medical negligence. In any of those cases, it’s worth getting help from someone like Citizens Advice first.

Some people are involved in more bizarre accidents and claim because they suffer equally serious injuries. Who would have thought it was possible to claim after spilling hot coffee onto your lap? Slipping on a chip seems like an odd thing to cause injury, but embarrassment as well as pain can cause you to take action.

Legal assistance

If making a claim, legal help is important. From there, you will know whether or not you can claim and might be able to do so on a no win, no fee basis, meaning you don’t have a thing to lose.

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